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To request a babysitter please fill in the form. .

It would be best if you could make sure you send your request for a babysitter at least a few days in advance, but should you need a last-minute babysitter we will do the best we can to find a babysitter for you, however please keep in mind that this is not always possible.

Also please note, last minute babysitting requests less than 10 hours prior to when you would need a babysitter does mean that you will be charged an extra one-off fee of 20 Euros, and should you require a weekend sitter please note we are not open on weekends, so make sure your request is completed during the week.

All our babysitters charge their own rates per hour depending on their experience; we will include this in an email, but please consider there will be an extra charge on top of this for using our service.

We will then require that you send us an email upon receiving payment/fee details, with the word CONFIRM, to state that you are happy with the fee and wish to confirm the booking. Bookings will then be fully confirmed by email from us, which will also include the babysitter’s name, profile, and contact details.

For families: Book a babysitter form

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Please note that you can only book a babysitter by using the Express Service. Should you want to cancel your booking please understand that Wonderland Nannies will not refund the booking fee of 24 Euro.

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