About us

Justine Richardson established Wonderland Nannies with Clarissa Heim in 2015. Justine Richardson (a native English speaker) and Clarissa Heim (a native German speaker) both have bachelor degrees in Psychology, and are both qualified nursery teachers.

Having both spent many years working as nannies and in the child-care sector in Germany and the UK, they feel that they know what parents are looking for in a care-giver, know how difficult it can be to find a qualified and suitable candidate and feel passionate about providing the very best child-care for families.

They saw an opportunity to offer high quality child-care, with the aim to fulfil the needs apparent in bilingual and international families, which is the need for a nanny who can speak English and/or German or other mother tongue languages.

Equally they know how challenging it can be for nannies to find the right family match, so one of the main aims of Wonderland Nannies is that the nannies are happy within their employment.